Changing the industury standard by using Pre-Set Nails or Screws for sheetrock or vinyl siding installation reduces construction time by a factor of four!



To secure and insure flush application of sheetrock to a stud, by utilizing a 3-point bond. This application will insure the top paper, the gypsum, and the back paper to completely secure the sheetrock to the stud to its maximum capacity.


The preset screw device will be constructed in a minimum of three sizes to accommodate different thick nesses of sheetrock (5/8, 1/2 3/8). The size of the preset screw device will be 1/16th shorter than the thickness of the sheetrock. Larger or longer sizes will also be constructed for double thick sheetrock walls or ceilings. The screw diameter will determine the inside diameter of the preset screw device. The preset screw device will be a snug fit to allow movement, but will not easily separate from the screw. The screw will rotate at your fingertips without turning the preset device you are holding, when applying the screw to the sheetrock.

Ceiling Effects

Because the preset-depth screw device limits linear travel of a screw, shearing of the face paper does not occur, as it does with a screw spinning alone. Even if the preset screw device is driven in deeper than optimum depth, the lateral expansion of the device will increase holding capability. In addition, the device can also be utilized to temporarily position the sheetrock by driving the screw or nail until the small end of the device contacts the face paper. This allows the consumer to reposition the sheetrock if necessary or if not the device can be driven to depth.


• Extrudes face paper down into the recess
• Increased pressure as it advances into sheetrock
• Flat-bottomed device assures the absolute bond to the stud
• No More Cutting your fingers on screws
• Missed stud in error? Easy removal with presets
• Flush, Clean, Installations

Secures and insures a flush application everytime. The perfect solution to clean no-hassle sheetrock installations.

Eliminates screw and nail protuberance due to space left between sheetrock & stud.

Available individually or for use with air, battery or electric impact guns.


The design of this preset screw device will benefit the consumer in multiple ways. First, the device is designed so that when it penetrates the face paper of the sheetrock, it will not tear the facing of the paper, thereby compromising the strength of the paper. This design allows a clean finish around the device. The face paper will be drawn down into a conical shape between the device and the sheetrock allowing the first point of bond to the stud. The second point of bond occurs as the device's conical shape inserts into the gypsum causing increased pressure as it advances into the sheetrock. The final bond occurs when the flat-bottomed device contacts the back paper of the sheetrock, and, as the device does not rotate, it will not tear the back paper. Also, this device would assure the absolute bond to the stud, due to the compression the device provides as the total application is completed, thereby maintaining structural integrity. There will no longer be an opportunity of a void between the sheetrock and the stud allowing an uninsured bond. These 3 bonding points far surpass the traditional way that sheetrock is applied to a stud, regardless if it is wood or steel. Currently the screw breaks the front of the paper, while weakening its structural integrity. The result of such failure is a weakening of the overall support of the sheetrock. Additionally, by using the preset screw device, it allows for the easy and effortless removal of the screw that was inserted off the stud, or in error. Currently, when a screw is inserted in error, or you miss a stud, it is very time consuming to remove it. Often times, it strips the sheetrock, and you need to pry it out with perhaps, an alternate tool. With the preset depth device screw, the error of a missed stud is painless. You can simply grab the preset device with your fingers and remove it, as the preset device will never penetrate the sheet rock. The final benefit is protection, the preset depth device allows the consumer to protect their fingers from being sliced by the thread of the screw, by simply holding the preset swivel: instead of the screw and begin inserting it into the sheetrock with the screw gun.

The preset depth screw device will also be used in application with a self-feeding nail or screw gun, as used by professionals. This preset-depth nail device, as part of an application, can be used in a number of ways. For example, it will be made without the need to spin on the nail, and be molded in one piece, whereas the head is a flush fit for a finished product. These nails will come in a multi continuous stick for rapid fire, air or electric gun, or a coil type application.

The perfect solution for Drywall, Gypsum Wallboard (GWB), Sheet rock, exterior wall board such as Dens Glass installation. Pre-Sets accomidates all sizes and thicknesses.


Pre-Set Screws and Nails is currently working on a new installation processes for hanging Vinyl Siding. Using Our Pneumatic/Gas delivery systems will reduce installation time while still giving you the ability to adjust each panel for a perfect fit.

Download Pre-Set Spec Sheet for vinyl siding installations
for Vinyl Siding

Download Pre-Set Printable .pdf Specifications Sheet
for Drywall, Sheet rock

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